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The wooden deck is a classic and definitely recommended for those of you who enjoy the warm and cozy look of wood. We at Deck Builders Fayetteville are some of the best wooden deck building contractors in the area and are ready and capable of making a wide variety of wooden decks according to your needs.

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    Types of Wood Decking​​

    So once you’ve decided to go with a wood deck the next step is to decide what kind of wood you’d prefer to use. The differences are mostly aesthetic but there are a few bonuses to different types of wood.

    Pressure-treated decking is generally made of southern yellow pine and treated with chemicals to protect it from insects, fungus, and rot.

    Redwood and Cedar have been the most popular options for over half a century now and contain oils and tannins which protect them from insects and create a natural resistance to rot and decay. Applying a stain, power washing and coating the finish is necessary every three to four years with these types of wood to maintain the wood’s natural color.

    Tropical hardwoods have been a top choice since the 1960s and are extremely sturdy and durable and are naturally resistant to insects and rot. However, the harvesting of tropical hardwoods has been labelled as an environmental concern in the last couple of decades.

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    Benefits of Installing a Wood Deck​​

    Many people prefer wooden decks because of its age-old beauty. Wood doesn’t need to be decorated or enhanced since it’s already beautiful in itself. This will in turn save you a lot of time and worry trying to figure out how to accentuate and decorate.

    Wood is known to be durable and able to withstand a lot of force and weather, especially when treated well and maintained correctly. Such maintenance isn’t hard either. A good polish once or twice a year should keep your wooden deck in good shape.

    Wood Deck Contractor Fayetteville AR​​

    So for those of you in the Fayetteville or north west Arkansas area who are considering a new improvement to your homes, you’ve come to the right place! Looking up "deck builder near me" ? Give us a call today and get our wood deck contractors to come set you up with a brand new wooden deck!