Patio Contractor Fayetteville AR

If you’re looking for a neatly paved patio and you live in the Fayetteville area then you’re in luck! Our patio contractors are experienced in making patios out of gravel, concrete, pavement, clay bricks, flagstone, tile, sand, cut stone, and other materials. Any size, any dimension, we’ve got it covered.

Patio contractor fayetteville ar

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    Pool Deck Builder Fayetteville AR

    Another type of deck we specialize in making is the pool deck. We make these with particularly strong protection against water and moist so it can withstand the constant exposure to water from being next to your pool. The material we use is heat-reflective so that the surface will stay cooler to keep you from burning your feet on hot days when the sun is strong.

    build a pool deck fayetteville ar

    Concrete Patios Fayetteville AR

    Even though there is a wide variety of materials to choose from, concrete remains the most traditional and at the same time the most versatile choice. It’s easy to clean, smooth, and can be easily formed into different geometric shapes. It’s relatively inexpensive and certain techniques can be applied to add texture and patterns that give life to your patio.

    Stone Patios Fayetteville AR

    When it comes to stone patios you have a wide variety of options, a few of which we’ll cover here.

    Flagstone and pea gravel can be mixed to provide an interesting patio space. This is also a lot less expensive than many other options.

    Gray Flagstone is a time tested material that provides a great outdoor patio area.

    Bluestone is a natural stone that creates a very homey look. It can come in tidy squares and rectangles for a more standard look, and for a more rustic feel you can get it in irregular shaped slabs.

    Covered patios Fayetteville

    Another thing we provide is the possibility of building a cover or shade structure for your patio. A well-planned out patio can really make you enjoy spending time outside and make a real difference in your mood. We can build you an overhead ceiling/roof with a few sturdy beams to keep it up, or even just a structure for mounting a shade cloth which you can remove at will. Whatever type of patio you may want, whatever outdoor space you have in mind, give us a call today and let’s start planning your patio!